Not getting the returns you expected on your Investments?

capture-6Managed funds are simple to use, involve minimal administration and they’re managed by experts. It’s no wonder they are an attractive form of investment.

Unfortunately, an all-to-common experience is disappointment when the annual statement arrives showing another year of lacklustre returns. Sometimes it feels like you could just as well have left your money in the bank – or even under the mattress!

Too many ‘managed’ funds just aren’t managed

In an era of volatile market performance, it’s simply not good enough for funds to pool their clients’ contributions together and invest them in so-called blue-chip equities. Too many fund managers take a largely set-and-forget approach, with little or no active day-to-day involvement in their clients’ investments.

This is the road to mediocre returns, particularly after management fees have been deducted.

Treating your money as if it’s our own

The Endorphin Wealth approach is very different. The reason we got into this business in the first place is that we enjoy doing the work that’s needed to manage funds in a tricky market.

We take pleasure in doing the research that’s needed. We subscribe to independent research houses like Morningstar, Lonsec and Mercer, and we actively use their research on a daily basis. We then apply that knowledge to the investment strategies we recommend to our clients, taking each client’s personal circumstances into account. It’s a case of investing while looking forward, rather than investing with an eye on the rear-view mirror.

We also enjoy proactively working with our clients to manage their investments. We’ll help you switch between investments, or change your blend of managed versus direct investments. We’ll set up a wrap account for you if that’s a good option. Whatever it takes to ensure your money is working has hard as it can and you are achieving your financial goals.

Of course, we’ll also take on all that administration for you, so you’re still getting the benefits of a managed fund – without the drawbacks of being an anonymous contributor to their large pool.

There’s no risk in having a chat

If you’re disappointed in the returns your investment or superannuation fund is providing, the worst thing you can do is do nothing. We understand that it’s hard to know where to start, which is why we are more than happy to sit down with you for a no-obligation chat about your situation. Make contact today – you’ve got nothing to lose.

What our Clients Say

  • Robert Rich is a gun and has been a pleasure to work with, he spent a lot of time asking questions and listening to both my husband and I to get a deep understanding of our current financial situation of who we are and where we want to be. His advice has been comprehensive and easy to understand. The genuine interest and enthusiasm he has demonstrated has made the whole experience to date, fun and engaging (it has also been awesome to see some great financial results!). Rob is a great communicator and is always available to chat, meet up or respond to an email. We wish we had seen Rob earlier, and plan to have him as our advisor now and into the future, I have and will continue to recommend him and his services.

    - Ellen Bond

  • Rob has been fantastic helping us set all our financials in order. We didn't want to have to worry about any of this stuff day to day. Rob put together a set and forget strategy that will see us in good shape for the future. Good guy, good advice, great help. Thanks again Rob

    - Andy Wright

  • My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Rob. He is genuine and honest. He has done amazing things with our finances to ensure our future is set up the right way. He has gone above and beyond our expectations. I highly recommend Rob, he is an expert in his field.

    - Anthea Husing

  • love working with Robert. He is highly skilled, practical and empathic. Nothing is a problem and he goes ‘above and beyond’. I have no hesitation in recommending Robert as an excellent financial advisor.

    - Rebecca Carter

  • Robert has managed our finances over the last 12 months as if they were his own. He has an eye for detail and is incredibly enthusiastic. We have recommended him to all our friends & family.

    - A. Miles

  • Rob has handled our finances for some time now. He provided us with sound advice and options. I highly recommend his services.

    - Mathew Quinton

  • Robert Rich provided me excellent financial advice and assistance in finding the right insurance for me. He was incredibly patient, and I'd recommend him without hesitation.

    - Edward Murrell

  • Rob has been helping me with my finances for just over 12 months now and i couldn't be happy, he is a wealth of knowledge and is amazing at what he does.

    - Paul Scott Ray White

  • Phillip and the team provide quality advice. They carefully explain the available options and clearly set the client's interests as the priority.

    - Jon Sutton

  • Rob has provided fantastic advise and clarity to myself and clients

    - James Ruddick

  • Great guys! Amazing financial advice.

    - Jay Boston

  • I cannot say enough about their professional manner and would highly recommend anyone I know to seek their services

    - Heather B

  • Your knowledge of the financial market is up to date and your approach to my portfolio has been proactive

    - Michael S

  • Thanks to Endorphin, I am now on the path to that dream of mine

    - Jake F

  • The plan has definitely made a big difference to my lifestyle

    - Josie W

  • It has been quite exciting and very comforting to have Endorphin looking after my financial future

    - Susan A

  • They provided me with a sense of direction and security that I did not have previously

    - Michelle C