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Michael & Karen


Michael and Karen have been happily married for 21 years and they have two teenage children attending high school. Michael works as a Physiotherapist in his own clinic while Karen is the Principal at the local high school. They have been very career focused to this point and have accumulated a considerable amount of equity in their home.

The couple identified a few areas of their finances that they had questions about:

+ They have some spare cash flow each month that they are currently paying into their mortgage to reduce the balance. Could this money be better utilised in another strategy?

+ Their neighbours are using a strategy called ‘debt recycling’ to assist them to pay down their mortgage and build an investment portfolio at the same time. Michael in particular is interested to hear how this strategy might be applied to their own scenario.

+ The couple are currently invested in retail Superannuation Funds (BT and MLC), however are considering a SMSF to take control over the way their money is invested. They were curious about how the transition would work and what types of investments might best suit their needs.

Karen arranged an obligation free appointment with their Endorphin Wealth Management Wealth Advisor to discuss these questions. Their advisor spoke with the couple at length to get a firm understanding of their circumstances and their financial position. They completed a brief risk profile questionnaire to give an indication of their attitude towards risk and how this might affect any future investments.

The advisor was able to educate the couple about the ‘debt recycling’ strategy and the benefits that the strategy could provide to their family. It was particularly appealing as a tax effective method of investing to the couple due to the high tax rates the both were paying.

Michael and Karen were also informed about the benefits and risks involved in commencing a SMSF and agreed that it could provide them with some considerable advantages as they start to think about how their retirement might play out. The advisor was able to suggest a variety of investment platforms and holdings that would be suitable to their needs to achieve a more ‘hands on’ approach without the hassle of setting up a SMSF.

The couple were pleased that they took the time to assess their current situation and consider options for their finances moving through to the next phase of their lives. By enlisting the services of a wealth advisor, they knew that they could continue to focus on what was important to them in the knowledge that an expert was overseeing their finances and they knew they were making the most of the solid base that they had worked so hard to build over the years.

For more information on Tax Effective Investment strategies, click the link here.

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Andrew & Michelle

established-professionalsAndrew and Michelle are a couple with young children who have been living comfortably for a number of years now since the inheritance of a considerable amount of money from Andrew’s parents. Andrew continues to work and follow his own pursuits even though he doesn’t need the income to continue living the lifestyle that his family has become accustomed to.

The couple identified a few areas of their finances that they had questions about.

+ They own a beautiful large home in Melbourne’s inner east, a holiday house in Byron Bay and still have over $700,000 in funds to invest. How can this money be invested conservatively to protect their capital from another GFC, whilst still out-pacing inflation?

+ Andrew and Michelle had previously sought financial advice from a large bank and feel sceptical if the bank really did have their best interest at heart. What makes Endorphin Wealth Management different?

+ Andrew arranged an obligation free appointment with their Endorphin Wealth Management Wealth Advisor to discuss their questions. Their advisor spoke with the couple at length to get a firm understanding of their circumstances and their financial position.

The couple were comforted knowing that their advisor was already servicing clients that were in a fortunate position as themselves. The advisor spends a large amount of time each week researching trends in the market and identifying potential investments for his clients. They subscribe to a suite of independent research providers to ensure that their findings are always current and able to be cross-checked.

The advisor was able to recommend a myriad of possible defensive investments that were appropriate for the couple including Hybrids, Bonds and Defensive companies with a strong cash flow.

Andrew was also impressed to see that the team at Endorphin Wealth Management were privately owned. By not working under the umbrella of one of the large financial licensees, the couple could be sure that the advice they were receiving would truly be in their best interest.

The couple were so pleased that they took the time to assess their current situation and consider options for their finances. By enlisting the services of a wealth advisor from Endorphin Wealth Management, they knew that they could continue to focus on what was important to them in the knowledge that an expert was overseeing their finances.

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What our Clients Say

  • Rob has been our advisor for around 6 months now and to say we’ve been happy with his service is a huge understatement. His attention to detail, responsiveness and general customer service are exceptional. We’re now on the path to a much brighter retirement and hopefully reaching it a few years earlier too!

    - Luke Fleming

  • Glenn Malkiewicz has been a great help in setting up my finances for post retirement. He explained everything clearly in words I could understand and answered my questions promptly and succinctly. I now feel very comfortable about my future going forward. His friendly manner makes him a pleasure to work with. I look forward to consulting with him in the future.

    - Michael O’Mara

  • I’ve recently settled back in Australia, and Rob has been a godsend to me and has quickly become a trusted advisor. After living abroad for 12 years, he has helped me get orientated here and eased many of my anxieties about getting organised in a new country. Rob is always enthusiastic and keen to help out. No problem has been too big or small for him. He is so easy to work with, he has been reliable and available and he responds my silly emails in an impressive time frame. Rob makes a consistent effort to make sure you are up to speed and pleased. I’ve seen great results so far and I’m very glad I’ve chosen Rob and the team at Endorphin. Top notch group of professionals!

    - Kimberly Rosal

  • It’s always a wonderful experience working with rob rich. His financial advice, care and customer service is beyond exceptional and can trust that we have our finances in the right hands. Only one phone call away rob is always happy to assist and we will definitely continue to recommend him to friends and family

    - Deanne Palza

  • My husband and I wanted to find a trusted partner to advise us on our financial plans and help grow our wealth. We met with a couple of firms before meeting with Rob and they just didn’t grab us and it just didn’t feel right. One meeting with Rob and we were both sold on the spot that Rob was our man. And we haven’t looked back. Rob offers a very prompt, efficient and client focused service and always keeps us up to date and on track with what is happening with our portfolio. We couldn’t be happier with the service we’ve received from Rob and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to others looking for a trusted financial advisor.

    - Simone Fleming

  • 5 Stars to Rob Rich. Fantastic to work with, caring nature and a Human with a gold heart. Highly recommended.

    - Tania Sasik

  • Phillip and the team are completely focused on delivering excellence for their clients.

    - Rob Ryan

  • What an amazing man! Down to earth, realistic and honestly knows his stuff. I have never felt so comfortable leaving my finances in the hands of another person and all it takes is one chat with Robert and he will put you at ease. Thanks, Rob

    - Libby Arnold

  • My wife and I have been fortunate enough to work close with Robert and he has been amazing. Its really special to feel like you are actually cared for and know I am in good hands with our plans. I recommend Robert and his team to anyone. Thank you again for making our experience so memorable.

    - Pep Karalus

  • It was a pleasure to engage Rob to assist with a review of my fiances which included financial modelling of 3 options for my property plans and a review of personal insurances tailored to my needs. He displayed great patience and understanding throughout my journey and gently sent reminders for paperwork he needed without being pushy. He was contactable in person, email, text messages even outside of standard business hours. The plan he produced was not only tailored to me, but his approach and style he adopted was very tailored as well. The future of Financial planning in in safe hands with approaches like Rob’s.

    - Amrish Jusrut

  • Rob and Phil and their wonderful team provide excellent service with the unique combination of award winning professional insights, personalised service and real and genuine care about our future

    - David Klingberg

  • Robert is one of the nicest and most knowledgeable financial advisors I have come across. After previously dealing with advisors that left me disheartened Robs patient and understanding approach mixed with his positive attitude and in-depth knowledge is unparalleled .

    - Jordan Adams

  • I would highly recommend Rob as a caring and passionate financial advisor. Before meeting with rob I felt very apprehensive about discussing our financial situation but rob quickly put my mind at ease and made me feel very comfortable. He asked lots of questions in order to ascertain our true situation and tailor advice accordingly. Beforehand I was nervous about our financial future moving into retirement but his advise showed us how we cam move forward with confidence, taking the worry away. We will be staying with rob for the long term

    - Alison Taylor

  • We have been working with Robert since February this year, just prior to the birth of our second child. He has been a pleasure to work with and has provided comprehensive financial advice to us. Robert takes the time to get to know you and your family so that he can fully understand your financial situation and what your plans and goals are for now and into the future. He is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about his job. He is a great communicator, responds to calls and emails promptly, and displays a genuine interest in our family. I have no hesitation in recommending Robert and Endorphin Wealth Management

    - Pauline Opie

  • Rob Rich has a well-earned reputation for providing articulate and direct financial advice and he has been the consummate professional for me, particularly regarding my superannuation. His intelligent approach and outstanding knowledge has been second to none. He's a great communicator and has done a fantastic job of translating complex financial issues and concepts into terms that are easy to understand. I would certainly recommend Rob and Endorphin for his well considered and practical advice.

    - Melinda Fabrici

  • Phillip has been my financial advisor for the last few years and I could not be happier. The outstanding retirement planning and financial advice that Phillip provided has put me in the best possible position to enjoy my future with confidence, for which I am extremely grateful.

    - Judy Anderson

  • Phil is attentive and super communicator, great advisor.

    - Peter Sagar

  • Love working with Robert. He is highly skilled, practical and empathetic. Nothing is a problem and he goes ‘above and beyond’. I have no hesitation in recommending Robert as an excellent financial advisor.

    - Rebecca Carter

  • Phil and the crew are very solid financial planners/advisors and provide excellent customer service.

    - Ian Johnson

  • Great company, wonderful people and a genuine focus on delivering the best for clients.

    - Gavin Tan

  • Great advice. Worth listening to.

    - Natasha Trenoweth

  • Excellent service and advice, highly recommend!

    - Alex Groh

  • Phillip and the team at Endorphin have looked after my financial affairs for a few years now and I could not be happier. They are pro active with communication, experts at investment advice and are friendly and great to deal with. They are my trusted financials professionals. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a financial planning team that will look after you for the future.

    - Stuart Coulthard

  • Phillip and the team are experts in their field of financial advice and investments.

    - Paul Drossinos

  • Great financial planning and advice.

    - New Dawn Pavings

  • Robert Rich is a gun and has been a pleasure to work with, he spent a lot of time asking questions and listening to both my husband and I to get a deep understanding of our current financial situation of who we are and where we want to be. His advice has been comprehensive and easy to understand. The genuine interest and enthusiasm he has demonstrated has made the whole experience to date, fun and engaging (it has also been awesome to see some great financial results!). Rob is a great communicator and is always available to chat, meet up or respond to an email. We wish we had seen Rob earlier, and plan to have him as our advisor now and into the future, I have and will continue to recommend him and his services.

    - Ellen Bond

  • Rob has been fantastic helping us set all our financials in order. We didn't want to have to worry about any of this stuff day to day. Rob put together a set and forget strategy that will see us in good shape for the future. Good guy, good advice, great help. Thanks again Rob

    - Andy Wright

  • My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Rob. He is genuine and honest. He has done amazing things with our finances to ensure our future is set up the right way. He has gone above and beyond our expectations. I highly recommend Rob, he is an expert in his field.

    - Anthea Husing

  • love working with Robert. He is highly skilled, practical and empathic. Nothing is a problem and he goes ‘above and beyond’. I have no hesitation in recommending Robert as an excellent financial advisor.

    - Rebecca Carter

  • Robert has managed our finances over the last 12 months as if they were his own. He has an eye for detail and is incredibly enthusiastic. We have recommended him to all our friends & family.

    - A. Miles

  • Rob has handled our finances for some time now. He provided us with sound advice and options. I highly recommend his services.

    - Mathew Quinton

  • Robert Rich provided me excellent financial advice and assistance in finding the right insurance for me. He was incredibly patient, and I'd recommend him without hesitation.

    - Edward Murrell

  • Rob has been helping me with my finances for just over 12 months now and i couldn't be happy, he is a wealth of knowledge and is amazing at what he does.

    - Paul Scott Ray White

  • Phillip and the team provide quality advice. They carefully explain the available options and clearly set the client's interests as the priority.

    - Jon Sutton

  • Rob has provided fantastic advise and clarity to myself and clients

    - James Ruddick

  • Great guys! Amazing financial advice.

    - Jay Boston

  • I cannot say enough about their professional manner and would highly recommend anyone I know to seek their services

    - Heather B

  • Your knowledge of the financial market is up to date and your approach to my portfolio has been proactive

    - Michael S

  • Thanks to Endorphin, I am now on the path to that dream of mine

    - Jake F

  • The plan has definitely made a big difference to my lifestyle

    - Josie W

  • It has been quite exciting and very comforting to have Endorphin looking after my financial future

    - Susan A

  • They provided me with a sense of direction and security that I did not have previously

    - Michelle C