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At Endorphin Wealth Management, we are committed to helping you continue your financial success, so you can pave the path towards a bigger, better and brighter future.

Relationships are at the heart of what we do, and we are dedicated to building long-term connections with our clients: individuals who crave flexible, independent service delivered by an expert they can trust.

By getting to know your story, we uphold our dedication to creating positive financial outcomes that are uniquely suited to you. We apply a well-rounded approach that considers your values, priorities, ambitions and circumstances, before providing the guidance and expertise you need to realise your full financial potential.

Our sound skills are maintained with regular professional development initiatives, and the team is consistently across current and future economic conditions, taxation rules and legislative changes.

With us, you know your wealth is in good hands, so you can feel good about your future.

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Financial Advisor Phillip Richards

Phillip Richards

Director and Financial Advisor
A message from Phillip Richards

Ever since I started working in the world of financial planning, I have gained enormous satisfaction out of helping my clients to achieve their life goals. So many people reach their mid to late career having done very little financial planning, often having avoided doing so simply because they find the process too daunting. When I’m able to help lift the veil and provide professionals and soon-to-be retirees with financial clarity, their sense of direction (and often relief) is hugely rewarding.

I grew up a country boy and made my first personal investment at the age of 18. I continued to grow my portfolio and purchased my first property when I was 21. It was around that time that I moved to Perth to study a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in financial planning and accounting. I subsequently completed a Diploma of Financial Services and joined one of Australia’s major banks, working my way up to a position as a senior financial planner.

My seven years with the bank gave me invaluable experience across a wide range of areas including tax-effective investment and retirement planning strategies. However, while I learnt a lot about effective financial planning, I also became much clearer about how I thought planning should be done. I always felt that planning could be performed in a way that was more transparent and fairer to clients, particularly when it came to service and fees.

When I eventually decided to go out on my own and established Endorphin Wealth Management, I was determined that I would provide financial advice in the way I thought it should be done. Importantly, we operate under a non-institutionally owned license, which allows us to provide non-aligned, unbiased advice driven purely and simply by what’s best for our clients.

At Endorphin, our basic aim is simple: that our clients’ story comes first and that what we do should help them feel good about their financial future. While we obviously focus on financial objectives, we understand that finances aren’t everything. We make it a priority to consider the broader picture: ‘life’ goals as well as financial ones. We know that if we can get someone’s finances in good shape, it will be much easier for the rest to fall into place.

These days, my personal portfolio comprises Australian and international shares as well as multiple properties in Melbourne and Perth. I’ve also recently completed my Masters of Business Administration (MBA). I look forward to providing financial clarity to more and more clients over the coming years.

Financial Advisor Robert Rich

Robert Rich

Financial Advisor
A message from Robert Rich

Winner – Newcomer of the Year – 2018 IFA Excellence Awards

It gives me such a thrill to be able to assist my clients to clarify their financial futures. I enjoy researching and implementing effective solutions for my clients that not only provide them with a firm financial direction but also give them clarity and confidence in that direction.

I’ve had a love of numbers from a very young age and it was always apparent to those who knew me that I would forge a career in the finance industry. After school I completed a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Accounting and Marketing) then worked in accounting and payroll positions for the next eight years.

Over this time I found myself becoming more and more interested in helping my family and friends to improve their financial positions. I soon realised that many people were being held back, often without realising it, by lack of clarity around their financial affairs.

I became determined to do what I could to improve this situation, using my knowledge and skills to help people like this to achieve their personal and financial goals. I went back into study to complete a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning. I was then very pleased to start working with Endorphin Wealth Management in early 2016.

I enjoy the fact that my own values align perfectly with Endorphin’s, particularly around providing the best advice without my clients being hit with complicated ongoing fee arrangements.

I have been investing on a personal basis for nearly a decade, and I’ve acquired multiple properties in Melbourne and a portfolio of Australian and international shares. My experiences over this time have reinforced my confidence in identifying the best methods to build wealth, allowing me to add a personal touch to the advice I provide my clients.

There’s nothing I’d love more than to use my knowledge and experience to assist you to reach your fullest potential.

Glenn Malkiewicz

Glenn Malkiewicz

Senior Financial Advisor
A message from Glenn Malkiewicz

My passion and skill set is all around helping clients retire successfully. From a young age I gained a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment helping people. My role at Endorphin provides a platform to continue this in an area that provides value to others and meaning to myself.

Establishing retirement / financial plans and making adjustments as certain milestones are met and new goals are created is what makes my role as an Adviser the best job in the world. A role where I’m consistently assisting clients achieve their goals and ever-changing needs through the advice I provide brings with itself a level of satisfaction that is unmatched with other professions.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with an amazing team and client-focused firm, and my commitment to our clients is unwavering.

Outside of work it’s all about family time and having fun with my 4 year old son Ashton, and 17 month old, Calyssa. When time permits my passion for sport kicks in and my love for the Western Bulldogs.

Jennifer Chin Compliance and Implementations Officer

Jennifer Chin

Lead Compliance & Implementation, Associate Advisor
A message from Jennifer Chin

I am very proud to be part of the Endorphin family – a dynamic and supportive working environment.

I hold a BSc (Hons) of Computer Science and Master of Accounting (Professional). I have also completed a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Financial Services.

With my previous experience working in the banking and IT industries, I was required to interact with people at various levels, and realised that many of them are not prepared for the years ahead.

I am currently transitioning into a hybrid compliance and financial advice role which will enable me to educate and help others to achieve their financial goals so they are able to have a more enjoyable life for the years ahead.

Jack Kilbride

Jack Kilbride

Finance and Investment Officer
A message from Jack Kilbride

All throughout schooling I found myself interested in economics and finance, and with my innate numerical ability, I found that work in the finance world is perfect for me.

I am a recent graduate from the University of Melbourne where I earned a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Economics and Finance. My experience so far has been more enriching that I thought possible. We have a small team at Endorphin, and that means I have been put in a position of responsibility and agency from day one.

I came to Endorphin Wealth on a graduate cadetship and so far, the role has been not only great for my learning, but I have been put in a situation where I can contribute towards researching and assisting the advisors in managing their clients.

As Endorphin’s Finance and Investment Officer, my role is broad and engaging. Whether it be compliance, implementation of strategy, managing finance and investment information or additional project work, I feel that my contributions are truly helpful.

Once I have a better knowledge of the industry, and with the guidance of Endorphin’s advisors, I will be transitioning into a full time financial advisory position in the future.

Alisa Surya

Alisa Surya

Compliance & Implementation
A message from Alisa Surya

It’s been an honor to join Endorphin Wealth Management team as it’s clear to see they’re a personalised and client focused financial advisory.

I’ve completed my Bachelor of Economics majoring in Accounting and a Master of Applied Finance.
Having previously worked as a Business Analyst and External Auditor for a top consultancy firm, my skills and knowledge are an integral part of the business.
In my current role, I assist reviewing and ensuring the services that we provide are in line with clients’ expectations and compliance regulations.

What our Clients Say

  • Robert Rich is a gun and has been a pleasure to work with, he spent a lot of time asking questions and listening to both my husband and I to get a deep understanding of our current financial situation of who we are and where we want to be. His advice has been comprehensive and easy to understand. The genuine interest and enthusiasm he has demonstrated has made the whole experience to date, fun and engaging (it has also been awesome to see some great financial results!). Rob is a great communicator and is always available to chat, meet up or respond to an email. We wish we had seen Rob earlier, and plan to have him as our advisor now and into the future, I have and will continue to recommend him and his services.

    - Ellen Bond

  • Rob has been fantastic helping us set all our financials in order. We didn't want to have to worry about any of this stuff day to day. Rob put together a set and forget strategy that will see us in good shape for the future. Good guy, good advice, great help. Thanks again Rob

    - Andy Wright

  • My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Rob. He is genuine and honest. He has done amazing things with our finances to ensure our future is set up the right way. He has gone above and beyond our expectations. I highly recommend Rob, he is an expert in his field.

    - Anthea Husing

  • love working with Robert. He is highly skilled, practical and empathic. Nothing is a problem and he goes ‘above and beyond’. I have no hesitation in recommending Robert as an excellent financial advisor.

    - Rebecca Carter

  • Robert has managed our finances over the last 12 months as if they were his own. He has an eye for detail and is incredibly enthusiastic. We have recommended him to all our friends & family.

    - A. Miles

  • Rob has handled our finances for some time now. He provided us with sound advice and options. I highly recommend his services.

    - Mathew Quinton

  • Robert Rich provided me excellent financial advice and assistance in finding the right insurance for me. He was incredibly patient, and I'd recommend him without hesitation.

    - Edward Murrell

  • Rob has been helping me with my finances for just over 12 months now and i couldn't be happy, he is a wealth of knowledge and is amazing at what he does.

    - Paul Scott Ray White

  • Phillip and the team provide quality advice. They carefully explain the available options and clearly set the client's interests as the priority.

    - Jon Sutton

  • Rob has provided fantastic advise and clarity to myself and clients

    - James Ruddick

  • Great guys! Amazing financial advice.

    - Jay Boston

  • I cannot say enough about their professional manner and would highly recommend anyone I know to seek their services

    - Heather B

  • Your knowledge of the financial market is up to date and your approach to my portfolio has been proactive

    - Michael S

  • Thanks to Endorphin, I am now on the path to that dream of mine

    - Jake F

  • The plan has definitely made a big difference to my lifestyle

    - Josie W

  • It has been quite exciting and very comforting to have Endorphin looking after my financial future

    - Susan A

  • They provided me with a sense of direction and security that I did not have previously

    - Michelle C